Salmon & Asparagus

Very light meal, extremely easy to make!

You will need:
Salmon - 2 fillets
Asparagus - 1 cup
Seasoning Of Your Choice (keep it light)
Olive Oil
Foil Paper

  1. Black Pepper, Onion Salt, Perfect Pinch Cajun seasoning (all of these are completely up to you, as long as you don't put too much, try to put just enough to give it some flavor)
  2. Rub small amount of olive oil on the pieces of salmon after you've put seasoning on them
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly, and do the same with asparagus but the opposite way (put olive oil before putting seasoning, usually on asparagus I will just put a pinch of black pepper
  4. finally cut small slices of lemon and place them on top of salmon, usually two on each slice depending on how big the pieces are (you may squeeze a little on them before placing it on top if you would like an extra taste of lemon)
  5. put everything on foil paper, or baking pan -- let it cook for a good 15-20 mins, make sure you flip them to make sure both sides cook (if you are grilling them)

  • Calories: 133
    Carbs: 4.5 g
    Fat:  2 g
    Protein: 27 g