Why I Eat Lemons Everyday...

I have lemon in my water, I will make tea with it, and I will chew on lemon after my meals. I don't have lemon in my water in the morning but I will have it after lunch and dinner. The reason for it is because lemon is proven to flush out toxins from your body, it helps with digestion in the form that it tricks the liver into producing bile which helps keep food moving through your body and out! :) The acids found in lemon also help with better nutrient absorption which means less bloating! As girls we freak out when we bloat, to the point where we wont eat if it means that we have to be somewhere right after.


I will usually find myself in the bathroom not too long after I eat, because of this amazing nutrient source! GOOD BYE BLOATING!    <<   HELLO ABS 

But aside from that it is also a great vitamin C source, fiber, helps rejuvenate skin, heal the body, helps lose weight!