About Me

My name is Irene and I'm 25 years old. I started my fitness journey at a very young age, since I was in high school. I remember working at a gym and being in that environment were all these body builders and amazing women would come in to workout. I always wished to be like them. 

I remember waking up at 5 am every morning to get my gym session in before I headed to school because I had two jobs so I wouldn't have time after. That is how determined I was to get in shape. There are NO EXCUSES when you truly want something. I invested in trainers and I invested in programs after not seeing results. Reason being was because I was naive enough to think I could workout and continue to have a poor diet. So I invested in the knowledge and got to the next level.

As the years went by I realized how much I loved doing this and helping others along the way as people would always ask me for tips on social media. Before I jumped the gun to doing this full-time I was in the sales and management industry, and yes, it was really rewarding but I did not feel fulfilled. So I decided to quit my job and do what I love, I got certified in personal training and I started outdoor boot camps. I ran over 30+ people boot camps from spring all the way to fall. I was in complete shock how much of a success it was in the first month. It felt so great to see my client’s lives transform and how grateful they were towards me because a lot of them hadn't worked out a day in their lives. They realized how much better their days were after kicking butt during our sessions. They mentally and physically felt so much better.

These are the moments I live for. Transforming people's lives, not just physically but also mentally. I never knew how powerful we could be when our minds and bodies are in sync; its like NOTHING can stop us, absolutely nothing but ourselves.